⋆ Please inform us about reservation cancellations and time changes.


Vehicle Booking System, The Included in Price ;
▪ Vehicle damage insurance
▪ Theft insurance
▪ Traffic insurance
▪ Exemption accident insurance
▪ Second driver
▪ Third-party liability insurance
▪ Airport vehicle delivery is free

Extra Charges ;

▪ Tax bill (+ %20)
▪ Address or bus station delivery ( Drop )
▪ Mini damage insurance
▪ Full accident insurance
▪ Baby car seat
▪ Navigation
▪ Three-hour timeout.
▪ HGS - The for passage of toll highway each car rentals, as standard, are charged.
▪ The daily/monthly km limit is applied, which varies according to the rental period and vehicle group. You can contact us for detailed information.
▪ Extra charge will not be prompted after the booking is confirmed.


▪ The tenant at least 25 years old and at least 3 years must have a valid driver's license.
▪ Same amount of fuel taken back.
▪ For your safety there are, Vehicle Tracking System.
▪ A valid credit card number is taken. ( For traffic fines )
▪ Please bring your driver's license and passport photocopies.
▪ After booking is confirmed, the price increase will not be.
▪ Please let our reservation cancellations and time changes.


▪ Highway vehicles are insure with liability insurance.This insurance is included in the price.
▪ If the vehicle is stolen, the tenant is obliged to deliver the vehicle key and license to our company.
▪Otherwise, by insurance companies, is considered a breach of trust and loses its validity insurance. In this case, the tenant is liable to pay for all the damage.
▪ Car insurance, motor and within the vehicle (front console, seats, door interior parts, flooring and interior ceiling) does not meet the losses will occur. The tenant is obliged to pay all property damage will occur.
▪ Tell us immediately of any accident or problems.
▪ In case of damage, without moving the vehicle, the report must be kept.Please call us immediately.
▪ By the competent authority ( Police or gendarmerie ) ;
- technical accident report,
- alcohol report,
- driving license copy,
- other car owners ;
- address,phone,
- driver's license, a copy of the license and insurance,
▪ In order to initiate the repair process-related accidents, the above information / documents, no later than forty-eight (48) hours must be delivered in our company. Otherwise, for each day will pass the necessary information and documents up to date will be delivered to our company, with the same condition and the price is written in the lease, the tenant will be reflected in the daily fee.


Mini Damage Insurance :
Tenants, by purchasing this insurance, collision caused by collision or from external challenge; rubber, glass, headlight damage, damage that occurred in the parking lot and the is guaranteed.
Please get information for pricing.

Full Accident Insurance :
Tools available within our company, are insured with a Exemption Accident Insurance. Exemption amounts, according to the group, ranged from Eur 400 to Eur 1000.
Tenants, optionally made by purchasing this insurance, the rented car, the exemption would have eliminated the property damage liability that may arise as a result of the accident.
Rubber, glass, headlight damage and does not cover damage occurring in the parking lot.
Police received a report of damage or gendarmerie has the condition.
Please get information for pricing.

Note: Failure to comply will void all insurance will be the responsibility of the tenant and the rental terms.


▪Vehicle use by someone other than the persons whose name is written on the rental contract,
▪Using the vehicle outside of the normal conditions of use (using the vehicle with high engine temperature, bad road conditions or running on a flat tire, filling the vehicle with wrong fuel and other similar situations),
▪Using the vehicle outside the traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limits, crossing the red light and other similar violations),
▪Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
▪ Using under the influence of legal drugs that warn that they should not be drunk while driving,
▪ Driving the vehicle carelessly and without taking precautions (not being used according to road and weather conditions, following the vehicle in front without obeying the safe following distance rule at least, using it on roads that are damaged or not yet built),
▪ Failure to notify the customer of an accident or theft situation immediately to the contact phones to be given to the customer, leaving the vehicle at the scene of the accident (except for a preventive situation determined by a doctor's report),
▪Failure to obtain the necessary reports (accident and alcohol report) from the relevant authorities in an accident that occurs,
▪Failure to deliver the vehicle without approval despite the end of the rental period,
▪ In case of damage or damage to the vehicle and other persons, if any, due to the goods or loads carried in the vehicle ...
▪ Due to the failure to comply with the above-mentioned issues that should and should not be done; The tenant agrees to compensate for all damages that may occur in the rented vehicle and, if any, other parties.


▪For regions outside of the center, the calculation will be made extra km. Prices, have the city/county is calculated as the center.
▪Reservations must be full and complete information.
▪ One-way or round-trip (TL,USD,EUR or GBP terms) is calculated automatical.
▪ Payment, cash or credit card can be done with the exit of the car. An optional, pre-payment can be referred.
▪ Transfer reservation must be at least 6 hours before.
▪Decision to cancel, IZMIRCAR authorities must be notified at least 6 hours before.
▪Reservation, fax or e-mail should be communicated and mutually confirmed.
▪ Transfer bookings, after receiving it, you will receive information within 6 hours.
▪ Fuel hike, approved reservation, does not affect the.
▪ Our company, desired vehicle in case of unavailability, reserves the right to use the equivalent of a car.

Those Included In The Price :
▪ Vehicle cost
▪ Driver's fee
▪ Vehicle fuel costs
▪ Motorway toll
▪ Traffic insurance
▪ Vehicle Insurance
▪ Seat insurance
▪ Child or baby seat

Long-term rentals with, vehicle cost and driver's fee is calculated. Fuel is to rent.
Long-term and long-distance rentals, vehicle cost and driver's fee is calculated. Fuel, driver's accommodation and food costs is to rent.