Aydin Car Rental

Aydin, which has tourism favorite districts such as Didim and Kusadasi, is located in the Aegean Region.

Aydin's Most Important Tourism Regions


Kuşadası is one of the districts that made Aydın make a name for himself in tourism. The district, which is very active in the summer months, gives pleasure to its guests coming for holiday with its natural beauty.
It is among the must-see places with its blue flag award-winning beaches, historical structure and green nature.
You can first visit the National Park in Kuşadası, which has traces of the Ionian civilization. There are 209 bird species in this park, which is home to birds. It has small ponds connecting to the sea. You can walk to the hill of Dilek and examine the historical ruins. It has a magnificent view that nature has inherited to mankind.


Ladies beach is the most famous and blue flag awarded beach in Kuşadası. It is 3 kilometers from the district. You can take a walk on the pathways where nature and the sea are integrated, and you can also swim in Kustur beach, one of the oldest beaches of the district.
Davutlar region is also a beauty you will want to see. If you want to have a holiday with nature, you should add it to your travel plan. It is 19 kilometers from the district center.


Another famous tourism region of Aydın is Didim. Didim, which is among our important tourism regions, is a district visited by many local and foreign tourists.
Considering the historical buildings and blue flag beaches, it is understood that the holiday in Didim is lived to the fullest. You can make your travels more enjoyable by taking advantage of Didim car rental services to fully explore Didim.
Didim is a region preferred by holidaymakers with its clean air, clean sea, wide and long beaches and historical structure. In this city where the Mediterranean climate is experienced, it is possible to have a pleasant holiday outside of the summer months.

Some of the Places to Visit and See in Didim

It is a small holiday resort that impresses with its natural beauty. Its population increases considerably in the summer months. If you want to spend a lot of time on famous beaches and see cultural and historical places, you will need at least three days.
Milet Ancient City: You may want to see the ancient theater waiting for its visitors with its magnificent structure.
Temple of Apollo: It should be among the places you should see during your visit to Didim.
Altinkum: It is one of the most tourist-attracting beaches of Didim. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of our country with its length and blue flag award.
Apart from these, there are many places to visit in Didim such as Bafa Lake Nature Park, Priene Ancient City, Manastir Bay, Milet Museum, Akbuk, Didyman Ancient City.
Taking advantage of car rental opportunities to visit and explore Didim will allow you to have a comfortable journey and to spend time freely.