Kusadasi, one of Turkey's first tourism center, Aydin 's is one of the tourist district. With its sea, historical texture and natural beauties, it is visited by local and foreign tourists every year.
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Places To Visit In Kusadasi

In Kusadasi, where the effects of the Ionian civilization are seen, you should first go to the National Park. 209 bird species live in this park. It has small ponds connecting to the sea. You can walk to the hill of Dilek and examine the historical ruins. It has a magnificent view that nature has inherited to mankind.
You can visit Guvercinada, which is the source of the district and where the castle from the Byzantine period is located.
Okuz Mehmed Pasha Caravanserai, located next to the Kuşadası pier, is a structure made entirely of stone. There is a hotel and shopping malls in the structure that looks like an inner castle.
At the entrance of the Dilek peninsula is Zeus Cave. Inside the cave, there is a pool where fresh water and sea water are mixed. You can enter the water to relieve the tiredness of the day and cool off, and you can remove it from the healing mud.

Kusadasi's Beaches

Ladies beach is the most famous and blue flag awarded beach in Kuşadası. It is 3 kilometers from the district. You can take a walk on the pathways where nature and the sea are integrated, and you can also swim in Kustur beach, one of the oldest beaches of the district.
Davutlar region is also a beauty you will want to see. If you want to have a holiday with nature, you should add it to your travel plan. It is 19 kilometers from the district center.

You Can Make Daily Visits

Another feature of Kusadasi is that it is close to touristic holiday resorts. If you want to see nearby places such as Ephesus Ruins, Didim Ancient City and Şirince Village, it will not take you much time to arrive by rental car.

How Can You Go To Kusadasi?

You can go to Kusadasi by your own vehicle, by plane or by bus. Since there is a port in Kusadasi, it is possible to reach it by sea.
If you will set off from the Marmara Region, you will follow the Izmir-Aydin route and then follow the Kusadasi sign. If you are going to depart from other regions, you can reach Aydin first and then follow the Kusadasi sign.
If you want to come by bus, you can come directly to Kuşadası terminal, as many bus companies have services to Kusadasi.
If you want to come by plane, the closest airport is in Izmir. You can come to Izmir by plane, take buses or rent a car to get to Kusadasi. If you are a crowded group, you can have pleasant moments together by renting a minibus at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

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