Izmir Urla Rent A Car

Urla, one of the districts of Izmir, is in the form of a peninsula and is 35 km from Izmir city center. The historical texture of the small villages of the district, which is one of the cutest holiday resorts in the Aegean, has been preserved to a great extent until today. You can take advantage of Urla car rental opportunities to visit all these villages and beaches in the district.
You can reach the town comfortably and quickly by choosing Izmir car rental services to go to Urla, which is an average of 1 hour away from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.
This town, which attracts the attention of holidaymakers with its clean sea and calm air, has a calming effect. You can be sure that you will enjoy each and every visit.
This place, which exhibits a beautiful example of the harmony of green and blue with its sparkling sea, also draws attention with its history dating back to ancient times.
In this place where activities and entertainment abound, especially on weekends in the summer, you may find it difficult to find a place in cafes and similar venues that you come across at every step.
In the winter months naturally silence prevails. Visiting the district, which takes on a different beauty on cold winter days, the people of Izmir enjoy the sea air away from the city.
You should definitely visit if you're on your way.

Places to Visit in Urla

With its historical villages, peaceful atmosphere, delicious food and mild climate, Urla is a holiday destination that can be visited in all seasons. Urla is an old port city. There are many historical and natural beauties waiting to be discovered. Some of the places to visit in the town are as follows:
- Quarantine Island: Located 500 meters from the Urla coast, the island was connected to Urla by a road built by Alexander the Great in 225 BC.
In the 18th century, patients were treated in this region to prevent the transmission of diseases such as Asian and European plague and cholera.
- Bademler Village: This village, which is among the known villages of Izmir, was founded by the nomads. In addition to its magnificent nature, there is also a theater in the village.
In addition to these, Çeşmealtı, Malgaca Thermal Springs, Demirci Bay, Necati Cumalı Monument and Culture House, Klazomenia Ancient City, Art Street, Barbaros Village, Güvendik Hill are among the places to visit.

Activities To Do In Urla

You can take daily tours to 12 islands from Cesmealti and visit the district to see its historical and natural beauties.
You can also have a pleasant time by participating in events known as International Urla Artichoke Festival, Herb Festival, Vineyard Festival and Art Days.

Transportation in Urla

Transportation in the town is usually provided by public buses. Because it is a small settlement, walking around Urla is a pleasant option.
Of course, renting a vehicle that will make you more comfortable will be an important factor in traveling freely without restricting yourself.
As iZMiRCAR Car Rental Company; We also provide the service of delivering the vehicle you want to rent to your address in Urla.

Where is Urla and How to Get There?

Urla is approximately 38 km from the center of Izmir and 55 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.
There are several methods of providing transportation.
In the city center, you can choose to use the public transportation vehicles belonging to the municipality or the public transportation vehicles departing from Üçkuyular.
There are also ferry services from Karşıyaka to Urla. These flights, which started in May, serve as one departure and one return per day. The ferry, which departs from Karşıyaka at 09:15, takes passengers first from Konak and then from Güzelbahçe and arrives at the last stop, Urla.
The departure time of the ferry for the return is 21:00.

Another method is to take advantage of transfer services. If you want to go to Urla from the airport with a transfer service, the car and driver waiting for you at all hours of the day will take you to the address you want when your plane lands, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. If you want to experience this comfort, you can add transfer services to your holiday plan.

Traveling using public transport is not a valid method to use time efficiently. The method that will allow you to make the most of your valuable time is to rent a car. You can benefit from the services of our company, which offers car rental service to visit the city. This service, which you will receive as soon as you land at the airport, will provide the necessary opportunity for you to have a much more comfortable and enjoyable holiday. From the moment your holiday starts, it is up to you to plan all your journeys as you wish... We wish you a good holiday.

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