Didim stands out as a holiday resort with magnificent beauties in the province of Aydin. The city is famous for its historical riches and clear blue waters. Holidaymakers who prefer rent a car service to explore Didim make their time more comfortable and enjoyable. While on holiday here, taking advantage of Didim car rental services will help you create unforgettable holiday memories.
With its oxygen-rich air, glassy sea, and long beaches, it is one of the places frequented by holidaymakers in the summer months. In the city, where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, there are pleasant holiday opportunities in the spring and winter months, apart from the summer months.

Places to Visit in Didim

The city, which fascinates with its natural beauty, is a small holiday resort. Especially in summer, the population can increase up to four times. In order to visit famous beaches, cultural and historical places, you need to spare at least three days.

Milet Ancient City

It is the closest historical building to the district center. This ancient city, which is of great historical importance, is also worth seeing with its magnificent ancient theater.


It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Didim. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of our country with its uninterrupted length and blue flag award.

The Apollon Temple

There is a distance of 2 km from the center of Didim. Until today, some parts have been damaged by the effects of various natural events and time. It is one of the unique beauties that you should visit during your visit to Didim.

Sapli Island

It is located between Akbuk and Altinkum. It is a place where you will find great opportunities to capture original photo frames. All you have to do to satisfy your curiosity is to rent a car. Don't hesitate to go on the road. You will not regret.
Apart from these, there are many places to visit in Didim such as Bafa Lake Nature Park, Priene Ancient City, Manastir Bay, Milet Museum, Akbük, Didyman Ancient City.
Taking advantage of car rental opportunities to visit and explore Didim adds value to all your time.

Activities To Be Held In Didim

You should definitely swim on the "Blue Flag Awarded" beaches and take a stroll through historical and ancient cities. You can also have fun by participating in the beach festival held in Altinkum in August.

Summer Vacation in Didim

Turkey is one of the places mentioned, the first thought is to Didim holidays. Didim is also known for its tourism and historical buildings. You can enjoy the blue flag beaches and entertainment venues during your vacation here.
In Didim, which has a rich cultural history, you can make exciting discoveries and leave beautiful traces in your memories.
You will not have any problems with accommodation in this popular town, you can find a hotel at the level you want. If your preference is for affordable accommodation, you can be comfortable, there is a place that appeals to every budget.
In Didim, which is a complete holiday paradise, you can find a car suitable for your budget and usage preference among the Didim car rental company options for your trips. You can make a pleasant start to your limited holiday by renting a car, and you can spend your days much more fun and comfortable during your holiday.
From the moment you receive the car rental service, a more comfortable journey and a freely holiday will be waiting for you.

How To Get To Didim?

Didim is 635 km from Istanbul and 690 km from Ankara.
There is 160 km distance between Izmir and Didim. The distance between Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Didim city center is 140 km. Transportation within the district is provided by public transportation buses and minibuses.
If you are going to prefer air transportation to go to Didim during the summer holiday, you will first need to travel to Izmir. After getting off the plane at Adnan Menderes Airport, you can start your Didim holiday by taking advantage of Didim car rental services.