Rent A Car Cesme

One of the most beautiful districts of Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean Region, is Cesme.The district, which is one of the touristic centers of Izmir, is among the choices of many people during the summer months. It would be a good idea to rent a car in Cesme to visit the district and its surroundings, which are among the first places that come to mind when it comes to vacation.
In order to avoid the problems that arise in providing transportation to the district, which is very busy especially in the summer months, you can contact with iZMiRCAR Car Rental, which provides Cesme car rental service.
Fountains history, nature, pristine beaches and blue flag with only Izmir 's not Turkey's one of the most important tourist attractions. The summer season is very lively and fun in Cesme, which is visited by local and foreign tourists. This beautiful district, which is frequented by people due to its various festivals, is one of the most popular places in Izmir with its feature of being a coastal region.
Cesme also adds a different dimension to the holiday with its historical places around it.
Cesme takes its name from its historical fountains. Although most of these fountains have disappeared, some of them still exist today.

Cesme Beaches

Ilica Beach
It is known for its two km beach and warm sea water. The beaches in the region with the thermal waters coming from the sea are very suitable for those who love hot water. In addition, it allows young children to have a safer and fun time with its shallow waters that do not exceed knee length.
Sifne Beach
Sifne Beach also attracts attention with its warm sea water. It is approximately 5 km from Cesme.
Paint Dark
It is one of the must-visit beaches of Cesme with a length of five km.
Pirlanta Beach
Located in Ciftlik Village, the beach is about 10 km from the center of Cesme. It is among the must-see beaches with its natural structure and clear water. Again, this beach can be preferred for families with small children thanks to its shallow water.
Altinkum Beach
It has a golden-colored beach like its name. It is about 10 km from the center of Cesme.
Ildıri Beach
Although it is about 22 km from the center of Cesme, it has a nature worth visiting.
Aya Yorgi Bay
It is quite lively as it has the most famous entertainment venues in the region.
Dalyan-Sakizli Bay
If you are looking for a peaceful holiday, you can choose this beach, which is 4 km away from Cesme.
Donkey Island
It is known for its windless and clean bays. Transportation to the island is available by boat tours. It is named after the donkeys that live on the island.

Accommodation Options

It draws attention with its accommodation options as well as its natural and historical beauties. Cesme, which is one of the indispensable places for surfers with its winds, has hotels-pensions with modest accommodation advantages as well as luxury boutique hotels. You can choose from options for every budget.

A Peaceful Holiday in Cesme

Cesme, whose fame has spread all over the world with its festivals and blue flag beaches, promises you both a fun and peaceful holiday.
Cesme, which you can visit not only in the summer months but also throughout the year thanks to its mild climate, draws attention with its natural beauty. Especially Cesme Castle is just one of them. The castle, which dominates the district, was built in 1508 by II. It is a work built by Beyazit. At the same time, the International Cesme Music Competition is held in this castle.

Sea and Cultural Holidays Together

Erythrai Ancient City, on the other hand, offers history buffs a tremendous opportunity to explore. The ancient city, which is one of the twelve Ionian cities of antiquity, will allow you to explore the pages of history.
If you are one of those who say you cannot do without the sea, you should definitely stop by Altinkum beach, which is 10 km away from Cesme. While there are so many places to visit in Cesme, you don't have to worry about transportation. In Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, you can contact iZMiRCAR Rent a Car Company to rent a car that suits your preference and budget - luxury or cheap price - and you can easily get the most suitable vehicle for you.
Cesme is waiting for you with all its beauties to be discovered.

Transportation Options to Cesme

Approximately 86 km from Izmir - Cesme,
The distance between Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Cesme is 95 km.
One of the methods you will use to go from Izmir to Cesme is to prefer public transportation. You can go directly by taking the bus from Izmir Bus Station or Izmir Airport, or you can get there by changing two vehicles by the municipality buses departing from the city center.
It is also possible to reach Cesme by bus companies that provide intercity transportation services. There are bus services from Ankara, Istanbul and many cities to the bus station owned by the district.
680 km between Cesme and Ankara,
It has a distance of 650 km from Istanbul. You can rent a car with driver to go to Cesme from Izmir Airport, and you can easily reach the address you want with airport transfer services.
If you are going to come to Izmir by plane travel, another method you can prefer to go to Cesme from Izmir airport is to choose the way to rent a car in Izmir. and you can take advantage of pick-up and pick up services from wherever you want the car you rented.