A World City Istanbul

Istanbul, the most populous city of Turkey, ranks 15th in the world in terms of population. Hosting people of many races and nationalities, Istanbul is a cosmopolitan metropolis. In addition to being among the metropolitan cities, it also has an important past in the history scene.
The city, which was captured by the enemy after centuries after Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who took it from the Byzantine hands and conquered it, was finally rescued from the enemy occupation by Mustafa Kemal ATATURK.
It is in a very important position with its historical past and structures that have preserved their existence until today. This city, which has a geographical and historical importance, is the dreams of many states. Serving as a bridge connecting Europe to Asia, Istanbul has lands on both continents.

How Can You Go To Istanbul?

You can reach Istanbul by any means. Intercity bus companies have trips to Istanbul almost every ten minutes. There are two major bus stations on the European and Anatolian sides. From here, you can go wherever you want by taxi, public transport or by taking advantage of Istanbul car rental.

Istanbul's Airports

There are two airports in Istanbul. One of them is the newly opened Istanbul Airport. (Ataturk Airport has moved here.)
Another is the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport option. You can come from all airports with direct flights during the day. You can rent a car from the car rental companies located here. You can enjoy your holiday by renting the car you prefer.
If you want, you can benefit from the transfer services that will provide you with transportation from the airport to your place of stay by contacting in advance. In the crowded traffic of the city, you will easily reach the location you will go without stress.

Places to Visit in Istanbul

You can see the traces of that period in Istanbul, which served as the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires for years. You can sit in a tea garden in Sarıyer and watch the "Golden Horn" strait. Istanbul is equipped with palaces and mosques. The Byzantine Hagia Sophia Mosque, St. You can visit the Thomas Church, Suleymaniye, Sultan Ahmet and Fatih Mosques, which reflect the Ottoman architecture.

Hagia Sophia Museum; It was used as a church until the conquest of Istanbul. It was converted into a mosque by the order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. The building, which was decided to be used as a museum in the Republican period, has now been opened to use as a mosque. It is a complete work of art with its columns, embroidery and icons.

Palaces; Topkapi, Beylerbeyi, Dolmabahce, Ciragan, Yildiz palaces add a magnificent grandeur to Istanbul. Topkapi Palace, built during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, hosted all the sultans of the empire. It is the palace with the largest area. A date is written in each room and area. For this reason, when visiting palaces, we recommend that you also get special information and examine it carefully.
Dolmabahce Palace has a special importance and place. Ataturk, the founder of our Republic, gave his last breath here. His room was left untouched and in its natural state.
Basilica Cistern; It was built by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinyus in the 6th century. There are 28 columns in this cistern with an area of ​​9800 m². You can visit this cistern with its special lighting and columns. You can examine the weeping column in the cistern. This column is wet while the other columns are dry. It is rumored that the cistern was used as a souvenir for the slaves who lost their lives.
Although all the columns are circular, the two columns are angular. Known as the Medusa Head, these column corners display traces of Roman sculpture.

Museums for Children
If you come to Istanbul as a family, there are also places to appeal to your children. Miniaturk is the place where there are small-sized models of many works. While your child examines models such as Topkapi Palace and Mevlana Tomb, they will also learn about the artifacts.
Madame Tussauds Istanbul; You can visit the wax statues of 60 famous people who left their mark on history. You will both travel to history and learn interesting information about those people.

Istanbul Toy Museum; has a distinctive feature by appealing to three generations. The developments made by humanity until today are explained in the language of toys. From the invention of the train to the industrial revolution, you can see the phase of space work up to the moon through these toys.

Islands; You can go to the Islands to escape the noise of Istanbul and have a stroll in a calm environment and relax. You can travel around Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınaliada by phaetons or bicycles.
You can benefit from car rental services to visit this big and beautiful city. You can choose the car rental method in Istanbul to visit every corner as you wish.