Baby and Child Seat

As parents, we are all very sensitive to the safety of our children. Ensuring their safety comes first. It is necessary to use a baby-child seat with the same care in car journeys.
As is already known, there is a law that states that children traveling in private vehicles must use a seat that meets the criteria for height and weight. According to this law, children who are less than 150 centimeters tall and weigh less than 36 kilograms are required to use child seats in private vehicles.
Child seats are the most important equipment that will make us think that they are safe when traveling with children. Knowing that their child in the vehicle is sitting in their own seat is the best way for parents to have a comfortable journey.

Car Seats For Babies

An important mistake is made in determining the seating direction of babies in the vehicle. Contrary to what is known, seats used for babies under 15 months of age should be positioned so that they face the rear of the vehicle.

Car Seat Safety Recommendations

Make sure it is securely fastened. Your seat should not move more than 2.5 cm sideways or back and forth.
Adjust its angle well. Your car seat should be positioned at a safe angle. In this way, you will prevent your baby's head from falling forward.