Alacati - Cesme

Alacati, which is connected to Cesme district of Izmir, is the most important tourism center of the region. Interesting beaches, suitable structure for surfing, entertaining festivals and lively night life are among the features of Alacati. You can get a car rental service in Alacati to have a holiday as you wish.
Alacati is known as one of the places frequented by those who love surfing, thanks to its strong winds. It has a cool sea and at the same time less salty than other places.
Spending time on the beaches famous for its sea and sand, which is frequently mentioned, will be effective to get rid of the stress and fatigue you experience throughout the year. After enjoying the famous beaches, you can taste the Kumrus, which is identified with Cesme, and you can drink your tiredness tea or coffee against the peaceful view, right next to the historical windmills, which are the symbols of Alacati.
At the same time, you can be sure that you will want to keep up with the flow of life here. In this place that will add meaning to every moment of the time you allocate for your holiday, you will be affected by the fun and active life.You can be sure that you will have a holiday beyond your expectations in terms of sea, sand and sun in Alacati, where each day will be a different joy.

What To Do In Alacati, Where To Visit?

As Alacati is famous for its sea and wind, it is also known for its windmills. The mills, which have different sizes, welcome many visitors throughout the day. The mills, which have a history of 150 years, are located on a hill very close to the center of Alacati.
You can take surf lessons in the town, which is known to have windy weather 330 days a year. If you want to enjoy the sea with different water sports, surfing will be a good start.
As you wander the cobblestone streets of Alacati, you will see the stone houses and lavender flowers that decorate these houses.
Alacati, which allows you to travel to the past with its cobbled streets, has a colorful stance. Although the town is small, many natural beauties are waiting to be discovered, which you can stroll around and see throughout the day.
In addition, Alacati bazaar, where you can find the flavors and fresh vegetables of the Aegean, is known for its friendly people as well as its natural products. The Alacati market, which is established on Saturday, is very famous.

Transportation Options in Alacati

Since Alacati is a small town, you have the opportunity to explore the town center on foot. But in order to see the beauties around Alacati and identified with the town, you have to use some transportation means.
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How To Get To Alacati?

It is approximately 75 km from İzmir center and approximately 86 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.
Those who want to reach Alacati from within the city can reach Alaçatı by using public transportation from the bus station or Uckuyular district. If you prefer plane travel to Alacati, you have to use Izmir Airport. There are several methods to get access from here.
You can go by bus by choosing public transportation, and optionally, you can also reach Alaçatı transfer service from Izmir Airport.
Of course, another method is to rent a car.
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