Car Rental Marmaris

Famous for its beautiful bays and beaches, Marmaris offers its visitors excellent opportunities for sightseeing. Every corner of Marmaris is a separate paradise. First of all, if you have not come with your own vehicle, it is recommended to get a car rental service in Marmaris before making an excursion program. Taking advantage of Marmaris rent a car opportunities in order to discover its fascinating beauties will be effective in using your vacation time well.
They say that the numbered days pass quickly. These words are especially true for the holiday in Marmaris. Regardless of the duration, holidays spent in Marmaris will always be insufficient. In the magnificent nature of Marmaris, which is adorned with green and blue colors as much as possible, time passes by very fast.
Traveling by public transport will slow you down and prevent you from traveling as you wish. You can take advantage of the Marmaris car rental services offered by iZMiRCAR in order to have fun and travel with pleasure all year round.
As mentioned at the beginning, Marmaris is a corner of heaven. The moments spent here are always special. If you set out to explore these places, time should be valued and should not be wasted as much as possible. Because there are so many excellent places to visit here.
Marmaris, which can be reached easily from the land and sea, promises a paradise to its visitors with its clean beaches, historical ruins, forests and clean waters. So where should you go when you go to Marmaris?
Seeing these natural wonders that we will present on the list will increase the value of your holiday.

Places To Visit in Marmaris

Marmaris Castle
Marmaris Castle was built in 2 thousand BC. Since 1991, it has been hosting as the Archeology Museum. We can say that it is a must-see place especially for history lovers. In this museum, which you can visit every day of the week, finds from Burgazada, Knidos and Hisarönü regions are exhibited.

Ahmet Urkay Museum

Ethnographic and archaeological artifacts are exhibited in the museum built by Ahmet Urkay, who came to the district in 1966, in 2005. New pieces added to the museum every day also provide a remarkable number of visitors. If you are also interested in archeology, you will definitely want to see and visit this place.

Marmaris Beaches

Marmaris comes to mind first with its extraordinary beaches. It would be correct to say that the fame of the district comes from these beaches. Icmeler Beach, Uzunyali Beach, Marmaris Public Beach, Turunc Beach and Cleopatra Beach are among the most popular beaches. It is possible to reach these beaches by land as well as by sea.


Its distance to Marmaris is 35 kilometers. Selimiye, which manages to maintain its silence in noisy and stormy weather, is ideal especially for those who love calm. Thanks to the calmness of this place, you can have a peaceful holiday.
In addition, Turkey's most important yacht harbor of the sweetgum bearing Bay, Selimiye 'he said.

Activities To Do In Marmaris

You can go on a boat tour.
Many visitors who come to Marmaris do not leave the district without going on a boat tour. You can add it to your must-do activities list. You will relax and breathe.

Night Life

Who knows the street of bars knows. Here is the starting point of Marmaris nightlife. If you want to distract, have fun, and enjoy the holiday, you can take a look at the venues in the street of bars.

You Can See Historical Places

Generally, when Marmaris is mentioned, only the places where there are beaches are thought. But Marmaris is not limited to these. It is a rich district with many historical places you can visit. Some of the historical places you can see; It consists of places such as İbrahim Ağa Mosque, Marmaris Museum, Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai.

You Can Participate in Outdoor Sports Activities

When you come to Marmaris, it is not possible not to participate in water sports such as canoe, sailing and jet ski. The nature sports to be held in Marmaris are endless. You can also do alternative sports such as paragliding, cycling, jeep safari and trekking.

What can you do to reach all these places in the best way?

With the Marmaris transfer option, you can go anywhere you want by using the chauffeur-driven car rental services. As another option, you can enjoy your holiday freely by choosing Marmaris car rental services, and thanks to these services, you can travel comfortably wherever you want.