Car Hire Mugla

Our province of Muğla is located in the Aegean Region. At the same time, some of the city borders are also in the Mediterranean Region.
This city is of great importance in terms of history as well as in terms of holiday tourism.It is one of the settlements of the region known as Ancient Caria. The city, which has a great historical importance, is located from the Egyptians to the Assyrians, to the Medes. He saw many civilizations until the Persians.
In this respect, it will not be difficult to guess that there are many historical ruins in Muğla province.Visiting the city with 103 ruins and going on a long journey in history will be a nice experience.
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If we look at this in terms of holiday tourism city in Turkey's domestic and foreign tourists visited the most, it is one of the city accommodated.


Bodrum is one of the most popular districts of Mugla. Mugla's not just, it is also one of Turkey's most beautiful coastal regions. It is an incredible holiday option for all holidaymakers with its magnificent beaches, museums, entertaining nightlife and historical texture. You will definitely need a car to visit the region, each corner of which is a separate paradise. If you do not come to the district with your car, we are always with you as a Bodrum car rental company.
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Dalaman district of Mugla is one of the most preferred places in the region in terms of tourism. This place will fascinate you with its nature, boat tours, cultural structures and clean air.
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Famous for its beautiful bays and beaches, Marmaris offers its visitors excellent opportunities for sightseeing. Every corner of Marmaris is a separate paradise. First of all, if you have not come with your own vehicle, it is recommended to get a car rental service in Marmaris before making an excursion program. Taking advantage of Marmaris rent a car opportunities in order to discover its fascinating beauties will be effective in using your vacation time well.


Fethiye, one of the touristic centers of Mugla province, attracts thousands of tourists every year with its unique nature and historical texture. Fethiye, located in the southwest of Turkey, is located at the junction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.
Oludeniz, one of the most important touristic spots of Fethiye, offers its visitors an unforgettable holiday experience with its world-famous beach and turquoise sea. Oludeniz is also a very popular place for paragliding. It is also an ideal place for nature walks and trekking activities.
Fethiye's historical texture is also very rich. Especially the ancient city of Telmessos is an important historical place that attracts the attention of visitors. Also, the historical Lycian voyage in Fethiye offers an interesting experience.
It also contains many natural beauties. Places such as Saklikent Canyon, Butterfly Valley and Babadag's peak allow visitors to take nature walks with magnificent views.
Fethiye is also famous for its delicious food. We especially recommend you to try olive oil dishes, fish varieties and local desserts from Aegean cuisine.
As a result, Fethiye is an ideal place for a holiday with its unique nature, historical texture, turquoise sea, natural beauties and delicious food.
If you have a holiday plan in Fethiye, you will have the opportunity to move as you wish by taking advantage of the car rental services.


Located in the southwest of Mugla province, Koycegiz is a place that attracts tourists with its natural beauties and historical texture. Koycegiz is also famous for its lake of the same name.Koycegiz Lake is one of Turkey's largest freshwater lakes. The natural beauties of the lake, the surrounding forests and mountains allow visitors to have a peaceful holiday. Boat tours on the lake offer visitors the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings.
The historical texture of Koycegiz is also very rich. Especially the ancient city of Kaunos is an important historical place that attracts the attention of visitors. You can also visit the ancient theater and Lycian tombs in Dalyan.
Koycegiz's delicious food is also appreciated by holidaymakers. Especially freshwater fish grown in the lake, local olive oil dishes and keskek are among the delicacies that should be tasted.
As a result, Koycegiz is a place that attracts the attention of holidaymakers with its natural beauties, historical texture and delicious food. You can spend a full holiday with boat tours on the lake, visiting ancient cities and historical places, discovering natural beauties and tasting delicious food.


Akyaka, which is connected to the Ula district of Mugla province, is a place that attracts the attention of tourists with its unique natural beauties, historical texture and traditional architecture.
The most important factor that causes the visitors to admire is their natural beauty. The Azmak River offers a stunning view with its natural resources and rich vegetation. In addition, the unique views of the Gulf of Gokova and the deep blue sea allow tourists to enjoy the sea, sand and sun. If you want to spend time with nature, Akyaka is just the option for you.
Akyaka's traditional architecture is also particularly interesting. With its stone houses, wooden decorations and turquoise windows, Akyaka dazzles visitors. In addition, the historical mosque of the Ottoman period, located in the center of Akyaka, is among other important places to visit.
It is located at the intersection of the road leading to Turkey's most popular tourist destinations. You can enjoy the view of the Gulf of Gokova at the Sakar Pass, which you reach from the direction of Izmir, Aydin. While continuing your journey, if you see the signs showing Dalaman, Gocek and Fethiye on one side and Marmaris and Datca on the other side, it means you have reached Akyaka.
Thanks to the convenience offered by car rental services, you can also visit other tourism regions located very close to Akyaka.