Bodrum Airport

Depending on the province of Muğla, the international airport, named Bodrum - Milas, has very busy days especially in the summer months. Bodrum Airport, which is located at the closest location, is used for transportation to Bodrum, which attracts a lot of tourists who love to travel, have fun and explore.
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Turkey's Tourism Center

A holiday destination with songs written on its behalf ... Bodrum is one of the most popular tourism centers by local and foreign tourists. It has a peninsula-shaped structure surrounded by the Aegean Sea on three sides. There are many bays in the district.
Every corner of Bodrum has a different beauty. If you want to discover them, you will need to take advantage of Bodrum car rental services.

Where Can You Visit in Bodrum?

Bodrum, which is frequented by many famous people, experiences different excitements every day. You can also make historical and cultural visits in Bodrum, which is on the agenda with its night entertainment and beaches. You can take advantage of the Bodrum Airport car rental service at affordable prices and visit the whole area.

Bodrum Castle

The castle, which is located on the part of the peninsula near the beach, was built in St. It was built by the knights of John. You can watch the blue of the Aegean Sea and the sunset by climbing the bastions.

Underwater Archeology Museum

It is located within the Bodrum Castle. It has the world's largest Eastern Mediterranean underwater collection. AD VII. Century East Roman Ship, Uluburun Wreck, Sparrow Harbor Wreck are exhibited. You can also see the collection of Serpentine Tower, Coin and Jewelery Hall, Karian Prinzessin, English Tower, Bronze Age Shipwrecks, Dungeon and Commander Tower.

Bodrum Beaches

You can enjoy the sea and the sun at the beaches of Turkbuku, Bitez, Gokbuku, Akyarlar, Gumbet, which are world-famous and frequented by many artists.

Activities You Can Do In Bodrum

You can visit Bitez, which is 4 km away from Bodrum and is the subject of folk songs. If you do not have a car, you can get a car rental service in Bodrum, visit the very famous Bitez Mansion and eat local dishes. Since the famous bars of Gumbet are within walking distance, you can walk to the street of bars.
Bodrum is known for its magnificent nature, cultural heritage, fun streets and, of course, nightlife. It will take some time to visit and see this natural wonder town. You should choose Bodrum car rental services to travel wherever you want.

How Can You Go To Bodrum?

You can go to Bodrum by land, air and sea.
If you want to go by bus, intercity bus companies have direct services to Bodrum. If you have to come by bus and get off in Muğla, you can go to Bodrum by the municipality's public transportation vehicles or minibuses.
You can come to Bodrum by fast ferry, ship or your own yacht. There is a marina and a normal harbor in Bodrum.
If you want to come by plane, Bodrum Airport is 35 km away from the district center. To travel, you can rent a car from Bodrum - Milas Airport car rental offices.
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