Izmir Seferihisar Rent A Car

Seferihisar is among the most beautiful districts of Izmir. At the same time, it is the first settlement in our country to receive the title of "Calm City". If you want to travel to this charming town by providing a comfortable transportation, you should prefer Seferihisar Rent a Car service. We provide service at any time of the day for your Izmir Airport car rental requests.
With its reputation spreading rapidly in recent years and increasing visitors, it is very active even in the winter months, especially on the weekend. It is observed that establishments such as tea gardens and restaurants around Sıgacık Castle experience excessive density on Saturdays and Sundays.
Sıgacık Castle, located within the borders of Seferihisar, is a building from the Seljuk period. The building, which was negatively affected by many natural events over time, was repaired in the Ottoman period and turned into its present state. The city, which was established in the castle, still maintains its existence today.
Considering that the ancient city of Teos, which is one of the historical values ​​of Seferihisar and is mentioned among 12 Ionian Cities, has a history dating back to 2000 BC, we can guess that the town has a very rich cultural background.

Historical Places To See

Teos Ancient City
Lebedos Ancient City
Heraklia Ancient City
Myonnesos Island
Karakose Ruins
Kasım Celebi Madrasa

Places to Visit in Seferihisar

Sıgacik Village: It is a fishing village with a cute and unique architecture. It was built around the Sıgacik Castle.
Every Sunday, the products produced by the villagers are sold in the market established in Sığacık Castle. Besides fruits and vegetables, you can find a variety of handmade dishes. If you are keen on Aegean herbs, you can find plenty in this market. We recommend you to see it even if it's just for sightseeing.
You can visit the village if you want to do underwater diving and spear fishing or visit the bays with a yacht.
Godence Village: It is a green village surrounded by vineyards, olive and orchards. You can buy homemade olive oil or wine.
Teos Ancient City: Its history goes back to 1000 BC. The Temple of Wine God Dionysos is the largest temple of the ancient city.
Lebedos: It is an ancient city that is one of the 12 Ionian Cities established in history. It is built on a hill in Ürkmez town. It is an ideal place for your cultural trip.
Karakoc Hot Springs: It is 17 km away from the district center. It is very good for rheumatism, stomach and intestinal ailments. In this place, which also hosts the Roman Bath, you can spend a day full of sightseeing and healing.
Seferihisar Beaches: There are important beaches called Akkum, Akarca and Ekmeksiz. Akkum, which gives a magnificent view with its deep blue sea in the front, natural beach and lush nature at the back, is overflowing with the people of Izmir who want to swim at the weekend due to its proximity to Izmir city center.

Where is Seferihisar and How to Go?

The distance between Izmir city center and Seferihisar is 48 km. The distance between Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Seferihisar is 54 km.
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