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Izmir is known as the pearl of the Aegean due to its fascinating natural and historical riches. Renting a car in Izmir is a good choice to visit the city, which deserves this definition, as you wish. If you want to benefit from the rental car service, you can contact iZMiRCAR Car Rental Company.
İzmir is a frequent destination for travelers who want to discover new places. It will not be enough to visit Izmir, which has different beauties in every corner.
Izmir's Cesme, Alacati, Urla, Seferihisar, Karaburun, Foca etc. Coastal regions are heavily visited every year. These places are one of the places frequented by those who want to get the sea air and have fun. In addition, it is a city where cultural tourism is experienced intensely. There are many cultural assets within its borders, as it has witnessed many civilizations since ancient times. Therefore, it hosts visitors from all over the world.

Historical Places to See in Izmir City Center

Izmir Clock Tower; This work, located in Konak district, is regarded as the symbol of the city. For this reason, it is among the buildings that should be seen by those who visit the city. II. The historical building, built during the reign of Abdulhamit, was built of white marble.
Kemeraltı Bazaar; The historical bazaar in Konak Square is very close to Izmir Clock Tower. Today, it still continues to exist in accordance with its purpose. The name of the street where the historical bazaar is located is Mevlevi Street.
Kizlaragasi Inn; It is located in Kemeralti Bazaar. The historical inn, which is a frequent destination for merchants coming to the city using sea transportation, continues its activities.
Historical elevator; It is one of the other cultural assets located in Konak district and again integrated with Izmir. It was built in order to eliminate the transportation problems experienced due to the unfavorable structure of the region where it was built. Due to the elevation difference between Mithat Pasha and Martyr Mr Nihat Streets, people had to use the 155-step ladder. It has been especially beneficial for the people living in the region. In addition to the benefits it provides to people, the building, which has visual significance, was built with special bricks from Marseille. It will be a great experience for those who want to see Izmir from a bird's eye view.
Izmir attracts attention with its natural beauties and historical places as well as its museums. Museums are very important to learn about the culture and history of a city. If you are interested in artifacts with traces of ancient civilizations, you may want to see the Izmir Archeology Museum and Ethnography Museum.
If you want to visit all these historical places, taking advantage of car rental services in Izmir will help you.


Alacati is one of the most preferred places for vacation in Izmir. You can be sure that you will enjoy wandering in the narrow streets with cobblestone, which survive with its unspoiled historical texture. Another feature that makes these streets meaningful is Alacati stone houses, which have an impressive appearance with its unique historical architecture. Known for its historical houses and streets, you will not be able to stop yourself from walking to explore each street.
Also, Alacati is the first stop for surf lovers. We can say that the region, which has quite intense days throughout the year, is a true surfing paradise. There are also surf training schools for those who want to study.
You may want to visit the whole area by purchasing a car rental service in Alacati.


There is approximately 110 km distance between Bergama and Izmir. Bergama, which deserves the definition of cradle of civilizations with its 8500-year history, carries the traces of many cultures from Ionians to Hellenistic Civilization. Bergama has an important past not only with this feature, but also because of its contributions in the field of health.
Health services in the history of Bergama can be grouped under many headings. Tools and equipment found in medical science were used for the first time in Bergama. It has been accepted as the first natural healing center in history. The healing waters, mud and sun treatments belong to the history of Bergama. Treatment methods with the help of sports, music and theater were also used. In addition, the snake symbol used by pharmacy science has emerged in Bergama.
It also has a very important position with its cultural works. The Pergamon Ancient City, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and the Pergamon Ancient Theater, which is regarded as the world's first and steepest theater, are located in this district. Pergamon, which continues its existence as a cultural richness, is known as the world's largest library after the Alexandria Library in Egypt, and the first library in Asia. It also attracts attention with its 200,000-volume archive.


Cesme is one of the most important centers of tourism in Turkey. It is frequently preferred due to its clean beaches with blue flags, historical identity and entertainment.
Festivals do not end in the district, where local and foreign tourists frequently visit or stay. These events, which have been organized in recent years, are highly appreciated and cause a serious density in the region.
The location of the beaches to the center is generally close. For example, Altinkum, one of the most well-known beaches, is located approximately 10 km from Cesme center. You can use public transportation to reach the district. If you do not want to use public transport, there are other options.
The easiest way to travel comfortably wherever you want is to rent a car. If you want to enjoy your holiday by renting a car in Cesme, visit our reservation page.


Dikili is one of the cute and interesting districts of Izmir. It is 120 km from the city center. This region, which has a different beauty in every season, is highly appreciated with its clean sea and 40 km of coastline. Dikili, one of the quietest holiday regions of Izmir, offers all the necessary conditions for a peaceful holiday.
In addition, the district, which has a historical past, is known as the important port city of Pergamon Ancient City.
There are festivals held in various periods of the year. If you want to participate in these events, Dikili Culture, Art, Democracy and Labor Festival, Bademli Festival, Bicycle Festival and Okra Festival are held.
If you need Dikili car rental or transfer (car rental with driver) service, you can contact us.


Ephesus is one of the most important regions of Izmir with its cultural tourism. Ephesus, which is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists, has a history of 9 thousand years. Therefore, wherever you go in the region, it is possible to come across the historical richness inherited from the past to the present.
Some of the important cultural assets known in Ephesus; Ephesus Ancient City, Virgin Mary Church, Ayasuluk Castle, Isa Bey Mosque, Artemis Temple, St. St. John's Basilica, Cave of the Seven Sleepers.
It is known that the first settlement of the city was Ayasuluk Hill. The Hittites and Anatolian tribes also lived in Ephesus, which reached its eye-catching period during the Romans. It is also known that it was among the important port cities of the period.
Renting a car in Ephesus will allow you to set a wider travel route and move as you wish.


Foca is one of the most popular districts of Izmir. It is a district that makes a name for itself in both cultural and mythological terms. It is possible to come across historical riches from past to present all over Foca. This region, which is very suitable for those who are interested in cultural tourism, is known for its old stone structures. It is possible to see these structures, which are unique to the historical texture of the region, in the center of Old Foca.
Siren Rocks, which are mentioned in legendary subjects, are in Foca. These rocks are named after the Homeric Epic. As it is forbidden to swim here, you can only visit it to enjoy its wonderful view.
The Temple of Athena, the Herodotus Wall and the Devil's Bath, which have survived until today, are also among the cultural heritages in Foca.
You can choose the car rental service to go to the district, which is approximately 80 km from Izmir city center. Please contact us to rent a car or get information in Foca.


Karaburun is 1 hour and 20 minutes from the center of Izmir. It has a very suitable structure for people who are looking for a quiet holiday. It is a very suitable choice for those who want to go to a quiet coastal town that has not lost its naturalness and enjoy the sea and the sun all day long.This region is preferred by those who want to camp because it has not lost its natural state.
Karaburun has a suitable climate to visit not only in summer, but in all seasons. For this reason, you may want to see it during the winter months.
There are underwater diving training centers in Karaburun. If you are curious, you can study at diving training centers to explore the underwater world.
We have an Izmir transfer service for those who want to reach Karaburun from the city center.


Seferihisar, one of the most beautiful districts of Izmir, was built by the Cretan people who escaped from the Achaeans in the 1000s before Christ. It is also known as the settlement of Ionians. The Temple of Dionysus, named after Dionysus, also known as the God of Wine, is the work of the Ionians.
In addition to holiday tourism, Seferihisar is also a region of interest in cultural terms due to the ancient city of Teos within its borders. If you want to see the beloved town with its magnificent nature and peaceful calmness, you can take advantage of Seferihisar car rental services. In short, it is an ideal area for those looking for a quiet holiday.
The name of the castle in the district is Sıgacik Castle. There are houses of local people in the castle, which was built in the 16th century. There is also a market in the castle where local foods and souvenirs made by the local people are sold.
There are also events such as festivals. Seferihisar Mandarin Festival is held in November.

Sirince Village

Sirince is a village in the Selcuk district of Izmir. If your purpose of coming to Selcuk, which hosts the most important examples of cultural heritage, is to see the historical regions, we definitely recommend you to visit Sirince Village. You will not realize how the time passes in Sirince, which has a magnificent view with the old Greek houses lined up on the hills. Apart from the historical Greek houses, there are also works such as St. John the Baptist Church and Stone School in the village.
If you want to taste local foods or buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, you can find many places in the bazaar. Apart from the shops in the bazaar, people selling food and goods can be found in the side streets of the village.
Şirince is also famous for its wide variety of wines. Here you can taste any wine you want in all wine shops.
If you want to visit the village and its surroundings, you can prefer car rental service instead of using public transportation. For information about leasing, please contact iZMiRCAR.

Urla...A Different Pleasure in Every Season

The district, which was very quiet until recently, started to have very active days after it announced its name. This dynamism continues in winter as in summer. Because of the mild climate in this region, it can be visited in all seasons. It is one of the places preferred by people who yearn for the beach on weekdays. Urla hosts big crowds at the weekend.
Those who want to spend time in Urla, which is approximately 35 km away from Izmir city center, prefer car rental services. Instead of making long journeys by public transportation, taking Urla car rental service is the right choice to make good use of your time. In addition, as another option, a transfer-chauffeur-driven car rental service is also available.
Time passes very quickly in Urla. The mobility does not decrease at all in the area known as the pier. The streets are always lively in İskele district, where places such as tea gardens, cafes and restaurants are the most. By keeping up with this dynamism, you will witness how fast the time passes.
If you want to swim, you can go to Demirci Bay. Of course, there are various options for other events. If you are interested in time and literature, you can visit Necati Cumalı Island House Museum and walk around Art Street. Klazomenai Ancient City and Malgaca Houses, which are among the historical places that tourists want to see in Urla, may attract your attention.
It is also possible to see Urla from a high place. You can go to Guvendik Hill to enjoy the view.
You can see centuries-old plane trees and taste organic foods on your trips to the historical villages of Urla, which has a wide cultural spectrum.

Car Rental Services at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

There are various transportation vehicles at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, which is 18 km away from the city center. Public transportation vehicles that operate at certain times to reach any point of the city are some of them.
However, it would be a better choice to take advantage of Izmir car rental services in order to visit the city comfortably and move freely. In addition to making life easier, the car rental sector, which offers more enjoyable travel opportunities, is frequently used today due to the benefits it provides.
Another preferred method regarding transportation is transfer and chauffeur-driven car rental option. The person (s) who prefer this type of service are picked up from the airport or any other address to reach the location they want to go to. The smallest vehicle group (minibus) offered for the transfer service is 9 people. Vehicle options vary according to the number of people. Serving with chauffeured or driverless rental options, this sector has taken its place among the important business lines due to its frequent use in daily life.
You can complete your reservation on our website in just a few steps. Thanks to the reservation you have made, you can take your car and set off at Izmir airport without wasting time.

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